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Aeroshell Grease 7 (Asg 7)
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27 Dec 2019
United States
1 Liter

Specification of


Advanced Multipurpose Airframe Grease

Microgel Thickened, Synthetic Diester Oil Base

Corrosion Inhibited And Fortified To Resist Oxidation, It Combines Excellent Load-Carrying Capacity With A Useful Temperature Range Of -73°C To + 149°C. Recommended For Highly Loaded Gears And Actuator Screw Mechanisms, As Well As For Instrument And General Airframe Lubrication.

Aeroshell Grease 7 Is A Clay-Based Grease Approved To Mil-Prf-23827C Type Ii; It Should Not Be Mixed With Soap-Based Greases Approved To Mil-Prf-23827C Type I.

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